Christian Marriage Ceremonies for All Couples

Saint Mark’s Episcopal Church welcomes couples seeking a Christian wedding. Explore whether Saint Mark’s is a match for your ceremony as you take this important life step.

Who Can Get Married at Saint Mark’s?

Holy Matrimony is a Sacramental Rite of the Episcopal Church. It is a joyous occasion where all in attendance celebrate the marriage through participation in prayers, hymns and thanksgiving to God. Couples, regardless of gender, may marry at Saint Mark’s if at least one of the members of the couple is baptized and connected to a faith community.

Is Saint Mark’s Right for Us?

As you start planning your wedding, you will want to explore if a Christian wedding matches your vision for starting this phase of your life together. A good way to begin is by attending a worship service and introducing yourself to the clergy. Our clergy can help you discern whether an Episcopal Church wedding is right for you. You can also visit our website to learn more about our faith community.


Take the Next Step

Call us at (818) 785-4251 to plan your wedding at Saint Mark’s Episcopal Church.